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Re-launch of Ecuadorian shrimp in China at the World Seafood Shanghai Fair.  Representatives from leading shrimp exporting companies converged at the 17th World Seafood Shanghai International Fair to relaunch Ecuadorian shrimp in its prime export destination, China. The primary objective was to underscore the distinctive qualities of Ecuadorian shrimp, reinforcing its foothold in this pivotal market.

Organised by the National Chamber of Aquaculture, the event took place today in China, drawing attendees from the Ecuadorian Embassy in China, key figures from Ecuador’s shrimp industry, along with importers, distributors, and media representatives.

With over 100 participants, the occasion garnered endorsement from diplomatic envoys and industry pioneers, fostering an environment conducive to networking and interaction among importers, distributors, and media channels. It served as an invaluable platform to underscore the excellence of Ecuadorian products and fortify trade connections between the two nations.

The event encompassed a conference that delved into pivotal facets of the shrimp industry and the latest trends in the Chinese market, concurrently providing an ideal backdrop for networking and knowledge sharing.

A notable highlight was the collaboration of six globally acclaimed chefs, who curated dishes featuring shrimp as the main ingredient, cleverly blending traditional Chinese cuisine and Ecuadorian shrimp. This fusion not only celebrated the gastronomic diversity of both cultures but also accentuated the Ecuadorian shrimp’s adaptability as a standout ingredient.

This initiative is a part of the ongoing World Seafood Shanghai International Fair, which extends until August 25th in China. Within this gathering, 16 Ecuadorian companies dedicated to shrimp production and/or export are steadfastly showcasing their offerings under the banner of “FIRST CLASS SHRIMP” at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre.