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Commercial Fishing



Record sales figures for Ibercisa. Ibercisa Deck Machinery, specialising in deck machinery for the fishing and maritime industries, has achieved the important milestone whilst celebrating its 50th anniversary, in which during the last 365 days it has designed, produced and distributed 365 winches.

These are record figures in production, income and results. In 2019 the company reached a turnover of over 27 million euros in sales, mostly to foreign markets and with strong diversification, both in countries and  market sectors.

Ibercisa says: “These positive results are the fruits of the efforts of a highly qualified and motivated team throughout the company enabling Ibercisa to go forward in 2020 with new projects and investments to improve its value proposal for clients. Among those investments is importantly, the construction and rehabilitation of new installations, an increase in its production capacity with a firm bid for quality most especially  to develop its range of client services. Thus the Company will, in 2020, be concentrating on three strategic lines:  quality, productivity and customer services.

“As a first measure the production plant will be improved with an increase in space of around 1,000 m2 and an increase in electrical power which will give more capacity in the welding and machining processes as well as reinforcing assembly and test lines. This phase is awaiting building approvals although the process of  more adequate electrical installations has been initiated.  The Company is working in collaboration with the University of Vigo (GIO) and its Department of Company Organization to optimise the production area.

“In a second line of activity the Company will be strengthening the development of Ibercisa T&S (technology and services) which boasts a highly qualified group of engineers and technicians in automation and electromechanics working continuously on new and innovating projects.

“The most important investments are based around human resources and the incorporation of new technologies such as up to date software development for the coordination of services, administrative document programmes and digitalization to enable online provision to clients of all the necessary literature for operation and maintenance of  Ibercisa’s machinery.  Simultaneously the Company is working on a strategic agreement with Siemens for the formation of personnel as well as the development and improvement of on board data processing using edge computing technology which will give better reports, indications and alarms thereby developing safer monitoring systems and remote assistance.

“Thirdly, 2020 will see Ibercisa widening and developing its after sales service “SAT”,  which is reinforced by  additional and renovated installations in Vigo in the spare parts and maintenance warehouse for T&S and SAT.  The objective behind these new facilities and technologies is to offer added value to customers from the final stages of construction, trials and start-up, as well as during the life cycle and remote monitoring of machinery, all within one management and customer services system:  Ibercisa Service Partners, on 5 continents.”