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Red Crab Fisheries Improvement Project on track. The National Fisheries Institute’s Red Crab Council and its partners –  Ocean Outcomes (O2) and Tao Ran on the ground in China – have renewed their annual contract to keep the comprehensive Red Crab Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) on track.

“For a number of years the Red Crab fishery has faced adversity from things like the pandemic, the market and tariffs,” said Newport International President Anjan Tharakan, the NFI Red Crab Council Chair. “But none of the companies we partner with, and certainly not O2 nor Tao Ran, have lost sight of the importance of working hard towards the most sustainable fishery possible. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. If nothing, this is one committed group.”

The FIP is focused on improving crab production in Fujian Province, the leading harvesting region in China for red crab.

The NFI Red Crab Council funds the work by assessing a fee on its members based on the number of pounds they import each quarter.

“Despite all the external challenges this FIP has faced, we’ve never changed our ultimate objectives,” said O2 Founder and CEO Rich Lincoln. “We have dedicated companies supporting the work and experts on the ground executing it. Continuing this contract keeps us on track to seeing the best science-based strategies driving Red Crab fisheries management in the Fujian region”

The status of the Fujian Zhangzhou Red Crab FIP is updated biannually on fisheryprogress.org.

About NFI

The NFI Crab Council is a group focused on crab sustainability. As an association of U.S. seafood companies, the Crab Council recognises the importance of maintaining successful crab fisheries for international businesses as well as local economies.

Since 2009, the Crab Council has practiced industry led stewardship, influencing crab management through funding fisheries improvement projects and market leadership. Throughout five countries in Asia, they sponsor sustainability projects to preserve crab as a popular, plentiful seafood item as well as an important economic resource for dependent livelihoods.  In collaboration with in-country partners and key stakeholders, the Crab Council develops practical sustainability measures that address fishery needs through scientific, social and financial channels.