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Regal Springs enters agreement with Benchmark Genetics. Regal Springs, the world’s No.1 Premium Tilapia company, and Benchmark Genetics, a recognised world leader in aquaculture genetics, have entered long-term strategic cooperation to support Regal Springs’ breeding programmes for premium natural grown Tilapia.

Regal Springs has major operations in Indonesia, Honduras and Mexico, with the U.S. being its largest market and commercial organisations around the globe. This agreement secures Regal Springs access to Benchmark’s team of experts and advanced support systems for selective breeding programmes and the company’s extensive experience from 30 programs for 20 species, with Tilapia as one of the main focus areas.

“This strategic collaboration is aligned with Regal Springs’ commitments to develop premium Naturally Better Tilapia and to have a positive impact on the sustainability of Tilapia aquaculture”, says Laurent Develle, Global Head of Sustainability in Regal Springs.

“We believe that Benchmark Genetics will contribute assisting us in finding solutions to continuously improve our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy, through better health, yield and animal welfare”, expresses Oscar Garay Krogh, Global Head of Farming in Regal Springs.

Tilapia accounts for ~10% of the global finfish aquaculture production with almost 7 M.T. worldwide and is a significant and sustainable source of protein for human consumption.

Morten Rye, Director of Genetics at Benchmark Genetics, says:

“We are very pleased to announce this milestone collaboration with Regal Springs, with whom we share the same values connected to sustainability and support of local communities. We are proud to assist Regal Springs’ with realising their ambitious goal for the company’s genetic work. In addition to better animal welfare, genetic improvements also will lead to higher production efficiency and reduced costs.”


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