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Commercial Fishing



Russia increases manufacture of fish refrigerated cargo containers. Deputy Prime Minister and Plenipotentiary of the President in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev proposed to expand the programme “quotas in exchange for investments” in the Russian fishing industry for the manufacture of refrigerated containers for transporting fish.

“We talked a lot about the transportation of fish from the Far East, about the lack of a sufficient number of refrigerated containers. There is a fairly simple proposal, we will work on it and consult with the Ministry of Finance. But if we applied the mechanism of “quotas in exchange for investments” not only to the construction of [sea] ships and fish processing plants, but also to transport fish, to manufacture the required number of refrigerated containers, I think this issue could be resolved very quickly and without any problems, ”Trutnev said after a meeting on regular shipping container lines and coastal shipping on the St. Petersburg – Vladivostok route.

He noted that representatives of the fishing industry complain about the lack of refrigerated containers for transporting catch both by rail and by sea.

The mechanism for allocating quotas in exchange for investments provides that the state allocates quotas to companies for the extraction of aquatic biological resources in exchange for the development of extraction (construction of a fleet) or processing (construction of factories). Half of the quotas for crab catch are distributed at auctions, and their recipients must build crab vessels at shipyards in Russia.

In particular, the crab-fishing enterprises of the Far East, according to the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Federation, have signed contracts for the construction of 15 vessels for a total of 25.5 billion rubles. According to experts, adherence to the principle “where we catch, there we build” will become an important tool for the development of both shipbuilding and the crab fishing industry in the Far East.

In September 2020, Trutnev noted that the total amount of additional budget revenues of the Russian Federation from the implementation of the “quotas in exchange for investments” programme in the fishing industry amounted to 142 billion rubles, of which 99.5 billion rubles came from enterprises in the Far East.

Source: TASS