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Marine Science


Russia to establish world-class marine research centre

A cooperation agreement has been signed in Russia to establish a world-class marine research centre (NTSMU). The establishment and activities of the Centre are regulated by the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation. The project is supported by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.  

“Breakthrough solutions for creating an advanced fishing industry can only be found through joint efforts of academic and applied science with the involvement of high-tech companies. The Marine Research Centre will become an organizational form of this integration, ”Ilya Shestakov, head of the Federal Agency for Fishery, commented on the importance of the association.

The main directions of the Centre’s work were discussed at a meeting of the organizing committee, which took place in the Federal Agency for Fishery on June 3.

The agreement on the establishment of the association was signed by Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Scientific Director of the National Scientific Centre of Marine Biology Andrei Adrianov, Director of the All-Russian Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography Kirill Kolonchin, Director of the Institute of Oceanology Alexey Sokov, Director of the Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry Pavel Dmitrenok, Rector of Kaliningrad State Technical University Vladimir Volkogon and President of the Antey Group Ivan Mikhnov.

“The level of competence of the project participants and their worldwide fame allows us to talk about good prospects for the creation of breakthrough technologies in the extraction and processing of biological resources of the World Ocean to solve the problems of food security, improve the quality of life of the population, strengthen the role of Russia as a leading Maritime Power ,” said the director of VNIRO Kirill Kolonchin.

The NCMU is faced with the task of developing new technologies for the extraction and processing of krill, deep-sea biological resources (crabs, holothurians, molluscs), mesopelagic fish, algae and sea grasses. A promising direction will be the decoding of the genomes of deep-sea organisms with a unique metabolism for use in marine pharmacology, aquaculture and agriculture.

“Each of the project participants already has their own developments. The creation of the Center will ensure the synergy of technologies, this will open access to promising biological resources of the World Ocean, and will allow organizing their harmless and high-tech development , ”stressed Andrei Adrianov, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Antey group of companies has become a technological partner of the NCMU, which is interested in the development of technologies for complex processing of crabs with the release of biologically active substances – chitin, collalitin and lipids, the creation of pharmacological and medical preparations of active action from processed products.

“ Our company, together with scientists, has been working for a sufficient time on the creation of technologies for the use of waste from the processing of aquatic biological resources, so we support the creation of the NCMU and will actively participate in its work ,” said Ivan Mikhnov, President of the Antey Group.

Source: United Press Service of the Federal Agency for Fishery