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Scots welcome support in fisheries negotiations

Scots welcome support in fisheries negotiations

Speaking ahead of a parliamentary debate on the annual fisheries negotiations, which determine quotas and catch limits for the year ahead, Fisheries Secretary Fergus Ewing said: “I am encouraged that both industry and non-governmental organisations have indicated their support for our negotiating strategy and for our overall objectives from these negotiations. That applies in particular to the two stage approach to the challenging North Sea cod situation.

“Not that many years ago, such a united position could not have been achieved, so credit must go to all those who have been involved and who have agreed to set aside differences to put forward a common front.

“In these negotiations, we are faced with a number of challenges, which I am determined to address. But Scotland cannot do this alone – this is not just our responsibility. These are shared stocks so it is essential that all fishing parties work to find collective solutions which prevent anyone’s fleet being tied up.

“While Scotland will engage in these negotiations as we always do – to seek to work collaboratively and respectfully to find common ground – I am clear we will also engage robustly to secure deals that prioritise and secure Scotland’s interests.

“Our aim will be to deliver the strongest possible package of opportunities for everyone who works in fishing in Scotland – onshore, offshore and inshore, to benefit our coastal communities economically and socially, while also respecting the need to address issues of short and long term sustainability which make for extremely challenging advice.”