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Scottish Shellfish production on the increase

Scottish shellfish production on the increase

In 2017, 8,232 tonnes of mussels were produced by Scottish farmers for the table market – the highest level of mussel production recorded in Scotland.

Mussel and Pacific oyster remain the main species produced in terms of value and tonnage with production tonnage increasing by 6% and 42% respectively during 2017;

During 2017, over 3.8 million Pacific oyster shells were produced for on-growing showing that markets both home and abroad are well established.

There has been an increase in both queen scallop production (155,000 to 273,000 shells) and scallop production (35,000 to 47,000 shells) since 2016.

There was a small decrease in the production of native oysters from 201,000 to 200,000 shells in 2017. The sector continues to target a strong niche market.

Employment levels increased by 4% from the previous year, with 328 full, part-time and casual staff being employed during 2017.

The Scottish shellfish farming industry is estimated to be worth approximately £12.4 million at first sale value, an increase of 6%.