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Skaginn 3X presents COLD FACTS. Skaginn love freezing, in fact they ARE freezing. Or like Sigurður Skúlason, their international freezing expert, says: “We’ve been freezing for a long time and know exactly what it looks like.”

For those of you who are not a cold as they are at Skaginn 3X, they have created a new campaign that gives you all the Cold Facts you need to know about Iceland and … them.

Of course, it’s all done to help you understand how their freezing equipment can make your food production even better, but they also decided to have some fun while they were at it.

It was only natural to ask Sigurður—or Siggi, “Polar Bear” Skúlason as clients and co workers call him—to take out time from his busy schedule to become the spokesperson for Skaginn 3X’s Cold Facts campaign. Being passionate about frost, freezing and the coolest equipment on the market, our “Polar Bear” immediately agreed.

“Siggi is a very personable guy with great product knowledge and really goes out of his way to understand what the customer’s real needs are before offering a solution,” says Dave Fitzgerald, CEO of Mazzetta Company LLC. “His availability and support have always been first class.”

The Cold Fact campaign exposes Siggi’s everyday habits and you get a glimpse of his daily routine as a freezing expert. You see him waking up in his ice cave, going for an ice cream drive in the freezing weather and ice sculpting (a special hobby of his)—intertwined with his cool-mannered introductions of interesting and cold facts about Iceland.

We hope you enjoy this journey to Skaginn’s land of ice and snow, both literally and figuratively.

Stay cool and keep freezing! SKAGINN 3X PRESENTS