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Spanish seafood processor launches new ‘ready-to-eat’ range. Spanish seafood processor, Frime, S.A.U, a leading company in the innovation and sale of responsibly caught tuna, presents its new ‘Ready to Eat’ line, designed to improve efficiency, profitability and quality in the restaurant sector. This line introduces to the market the first and only marinated tuna, hot smoked, suitable for raw consumption with the maximum guarantee in food safety.

The new ‘Ready to Eat’ range includes four products: Tuna Tenderloin, Chunk, Tartar and Carpaccio. All of them are designed to be consumed raw, guaranteeing the absence of pathogens, thanks to exhaustive analytical controls. It is an innovative offer that provides portioned products, with formats adapted for different consumption moments, allowing catering businesses to prepare versatile dishes easily and quickly, with exceptional quality and ensuring customer satisfaction.

With this new line, the company offers a solution to reduce operating costs related to the preparation times of the dishes in the kitchen during service, the complexity associated with the preparation of these tuna cuts, the optimisation of raw material storage and the elimination of wastage. Cost efficiency offers significant savings to the restaurateur to maximize business profitability and improve operational efficiency.

Salvador Ramon, President of Frime, S.A.U., said:

“Frime, S.A.U. R&D&I department has been instrumental in the development of our new Ready to Eat product line, combining innovation, research and cutting-edge technology. Our multidisciplinary team has worked tirelessly to develop options that are not only delicious and nutritious, but also convenient. Thanks to our commitment to R&D&I, we can continue to offer products that respond to the growing demands of the market, ensuring the highest quality and satisfaction for our customers.”

All of the company’s products meet the highest quality standards in raw material selection; Frime, S.A.U has an alliance and strategic agreements with audited and certified fishing fleets that guarantee a constant supply of top quality tuna.

In addition, the company continually invests in advanced technology and in improving its production processes to ensure that each product not only meets but exceeds the most demanding market standards. From the selection of raw materials to final packaging, each stage of the process is designed to preserve the freshness, flavor and nutritional value of the tuna.