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Thai Union opens preschool for migrant workers. Global seafood giant Thai Union Group PCL officially opened its fourth preschool in Samut Sakhon to help the children of migrant workers to learn Thai language and culture before entering the formal Thai education system.

The preschool, located at Luang Pat Kosol Upatham School, will provide basic education for the children while also ensuring they are safe during the day, providing their working parents with peace of mind that their children are getting a good education and start to life.

Since 2013, Thai Union has allocated a budget of THB 10 million and partnered with the Labor Rights Promotions Network Foundation (LPN) to build preschools for the children of migrant workers in Thailand, with the aim to establish five by 2020.

“Thai Union has committed our sustainability strategy, SeaChange®, to drive positive change in the seafood industry,” said Rittirong Boonmechote, President of Global Frozen and Related Units at Thai Union. “This includes improving the lives of those living and working in the regions where we operate.”

“The preschool project could not be successful without our partnership with LPN, who play an important role in the network between Thai Union, schools, and the migrant community in Samut Sakhon. With all parties collaborating to bring children of migrant workers into the Thai education system, we will offer them the opportunity for a better future.”

Teachers at the preschools can communicate in both Thai and foreign languages such as Burmese to ensure they are providing an effective learning experience.

“We appreciate Thai Union’s commitment to pave the way into the education system for children of migrant workers, which is actually a fundamental right for every child” said Sompong Srakaew, Founder and Director of LPN. “The preschool project has proven to be a good example of collaboration between the private sector, the community and civil society to grant them access to education – an important foundation for a better life.”

The opening of the new Thai Union Preschool was also attended by Tawee Tanok, Director of the Samut Sakhon Primary Educational Service Area Office; Samut Sakhon Governor Somkid Chanthamaruk and Prasit Suwan, School Director. They joined Boonmechote and Srakaew to sign a memorandum of understanding for managing the preschool.

Thai Union had previously established three other preschools, located at Wat Srisudtharam School (2013), Wat Sirimongkol School (2014) and Wat Yaichomprasat School (2016). So far more than 330 children of migrant workers have joined the preschool program, with the new school able to accept about 50 children. Thai Union welcome’s Plan International’s announcement last week to also start to support access to education for the children of migrant workers.