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Marine Science



Thai Union showcases Global Innovation Centre. Thai Union Group PCL. recently welcomed visitors from IKEA’s Southeast Asia team to its Global Innovation Centre in Bangkok. The 37 guests from IKEA and Thai Union’s researchers exchanged knowledge and good practices, with a focus on innovation, sustainability and industrialization. Thai Union’s Rommel Jason d.limos, Assistant General Manager – Product Development Lead, together with Process Technology Research Scientists Stefan Mairhofer and Franck Courtes, shared their experience with 37 production engineers and other specialists.

Thai Union’s Global Innovation Centre was established in 2015 as the Global Innovation Incubator, a centre for research and the development of products for Thai Union’s brands around the world. It was also created to combine modern nutritional science and production innovations to develop products that address the needs of consumers and the global food industry. The centre also uses technology and innovation to improve production processes, providing additional benefits and value to customers, consumers and stakeholders.

In 2019, the Global Innovation Incubator was rebranded as the Global Innovation Centre and relocated from the Faculty of Science at Mahidol University to Thai Union’s Bangkok office at SM Tower. The GIC was built over 5,000 square meters with a value of THB 300 million. More than 40 Doctoral Degree scientists and over 120 researchers in the fields of marine biotechnology, engineering, medicine, food science and nutrition from around the world work at the GIC, coordinating and exchanging knowledge and expertise in R&D and using the latest technologies to provide the best outcomes for consumers and the environment.


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