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Vard Aqua introduces new feeding solutions. Vard Aqua has introduced brand new range of feeding solutions. The Exact Series was developed to meet fish farmer’s needs for accurate and predictable feeding. These solutions make sure the fish gets the right quantity of feed at the right time — and make work at the facility a whole lot simpler.

The Exact series consists of two feeding solutions that simplify and automate the work of feeding the fish. The fully automatic Exact Feeding Robot is an autonomous robot that efficiently feeds the entire facility. In addition, there are two new versions of the independent Exact Mini Feeder.

Accurate feeding and improved fish health with Exact

The Exact series of solutions was developed as precise feeding results in optimum growth and improved tank environments — which in turn leads to improved fish health. The Exact range has a number of benefits:

  • Precision
  • Labour-saving
  • Spot or dispersion feeding
  • No mess between tanks

Accurate feeding also reduces the need for cleaning, which is labour-saving for the fish farmer and, not least, reduces stress for the fish.

The feeding robot has undergone rigorous testing and has been developed over decades in collaboration with researchers and experienced fish farmers. The new version is called Exact Feeding Robot, and it is our most innovating feeding robot to date.

The feeding robot comes prepared for installation on a track system customized to work with the facility’s tank set-up.

“This system is a plug and play type solution that is easy to install without help from us or other technical assistance,” says Svein Arve Tronsgård, Sales and Marketing Manager of Vard Aqua Sunndal.

Intelligent feeding

The robot calculates feed quantities automatically, based on information about the biomass registered in its control system. The feeding robot comes with up to 4 feed hoppers and can be set up to refill automatically between each feeding round.

Tronsgård adds that the robot is battery operated and charges automatically. You never have to worry about running out of power.

“With RFID technology along the track system, the robot’s positioning and movements are always optimized. It will automatically know whether there is still work to be done, if it needs to adjust its speed or take a break,” he says.

The mini feeder comes in 4 different sizes — 1, 3, 5 and 10 litres.

“The mini feeder is perfect for small quantities of feed, and so is well suited for things like start-up feeding of lump fish,” Tronsgård says.

The Exact Mini Feeder is developed to give you complete control of dosage, when precision matters. The user-friendly design also lets you see exactly how much feed is in the hopper.

“The hopper is a see-through plastic container, so it’s easy to see how much feed is left,” Tronsgård explains, and adds that the design prevents clogging. The mini feeder design ensures that the feed is protected from moisture to a much higher degree than other solutions on the market.

Exact Feeding Solutions are suitable for all facilities and connect easily to either your own or VARD’s control system — your choice!