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Viciunai expands sales operation

Lithuanian seafood producer Viciunai expands sales operation, the group is continuing to expand its sales and distribution network abroad.

Last year, they established representative offices in France, the United Kingdom, and Kyrgyzstan. A few weeks ago, a new sales company was established in one of the most promising markets in the Caucasus region – Georgia. The local company is expected to help expand the product range faster and double the sales.

Viciunai has been supplying products to Georgia since 2007. Here, one can purchase Vici products in almost 1500 trading venues.

“It is the 20th country where we have established a sales company. The strategy of being an internal market player has paid off in both east and west. It allows us to make closer connections to sales partners, live in the rhythm of a particular market, and efficiently introduce new products that meet the needs of local consumers,” said Sarunas Matijosaitis, the Head of Viciunai Group.

According to him, the company currently takes up the majority of the Caucasus surimi product market but only a small part of the market for other frozen and chilled fish products. Thus, Vichiunai Sakartvelo in Tbilisi will tighten cooperation with local partners and strengthen the position of the remaining Vici products.

60% of products that the Lithuanian company exported to Georgia in 2018 were surimi products.

The decision to establish a company in Georgia was made when the company has reached the point where further development required a sales company with local professionals.

The Tbilisi company is now led by director Daviti Khomeriki, the former representative of Viciunai Group in the country. At the moment, he has a couple of experienced sales professionals who help him. It is expected that specialists in distribution, advertising, and business analysis will join the team shortly.

Vichiunai Sakartvelo is the 21st Viciunai-owned sales company abroad. In the east, the group’s representative offices also operate in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.