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Western Rock Lobster announces new development programme. Western Rock Lobster (WRL) of Australia has announced the return of their industry DECK Programme for the second year with the two-day forum to be held on Monday 14th to Tuesday 15th of October 2019.

The DECK Programme interactive forums hosted by WRL provide professional development opportunities for anyone in the western rock lobster industry to strengthen knowledge and skills, foster relationships and networks, and to be inspired by industry innovations.

The DECK Programme will tap into current knowledge and skills in people, invest in building their skills and capacity, and provide individuals with a broader understanding of the industry as a whole to ensure they can create more informed decisions and opinions about their industry career paths, fishing operations and business management. The forums also provide an opportunity for participants to discuss key challenges in the industry from their perspective.

Aimed at the industry’s next-generation, the DECK Programme provides a variety of interactive presentations and workshops covering a range of skills development from office efficiencies, industry innovation and technology to managing your business and the people who work with you.

WRL recognises the need to invest in the human resource in our industry. The focus of the DECK Programme is to deliver quality professional learning to the western rock lobster sector. We constantly hear from our members, skippers and fishers how there are so many professional development workshops available in agriculture, but that those opportunities are not as abundant, or accessible, to fishers.

The DECK Programme addresses this concern by providing a forum series with expert presenters to help the next generation of our industry develop their industry knowledge, skills, capability and networks to continually improve their industry knowledge, fishing operations and business management.

As well as professional development, the DECK Programme will also provide an opportunity for those in the western rock lobster industry to meet likeminded people up and down the coast, in various types of industry operations, and share ideas, knowledge and interests.

At the moment, the DECK Programme forums are open to all WRL Members, skippers and commercial fishers of the western rock lobster industry. Pending evaluation of the first two forums, we may look to extend the Programme out further to others in the industry in the near future.

The forums will run over two days, with a social dinner in the middle so you can develop your networks and relationships with others in the industry. The first forum will be held on Monday 14th to Tuesday 15th of October 2019 in the Geraldton area. Each forum will cover different topics to provide long term professional development to the next generation in our industry.

Whilst expert presenters are still being confirmed, topics at the October forum will cover areas that concern your work – including the state of the industry, Office Management, Succession Planning, Technology and Innovation, and Social License to name just a few. Once confirmed a full agenda will be provided to participants prior to the forum.
The DECK Programme two-day forums are offered to participants free of charge. Participants will only need to cover their own travel arrangements and accommodation.

Email james@westernrocklobster.org to register your interest