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Marine Science



WWF in partnership with Sky Ocean Rescue. WWF is one of the world’s largest independent conservation organisations, active in nearly 100 countries. Our supporters – more than five million of them – are helping us to restore nature and to tackle the main causes of nature’s decline, particularly the food system and climate change. We’re fighting to ensure a world with thriving habitats and species, and to change hearts and minds so it becomes unacceptable to overuse our planet’s resources.

Our five year partnership with Sky Ocean Rescue will see us working together to help protect and restore our amazing oceans. Together we will enable marine wildlife to thrive and improve the health of our waters, which play an essential role in providing food, jobs, energy and the oxygen we breathe. 

Throughout 2020, WWF in partnership with Sky Ocean Rescue will be campaigning to drive ocean recovery as the foundation for the next decade, inspiring the UK public to become Ocean Heroes and take real action to save our oceans.

Responding to Sky’s Group Chief Executive, Jeremy Darroch’s discussion on the TV Environment at the Edinburgh TV Festival, WWF CEO Tanya Steele said:

 “With this commitment to tackle one of the most urgent issues of our time, Sky has shown how businesses can use their power for good, to help protect the future health of people and our planet.

“Sky’s ambitious pledge to go net zero by 2030 will reach millions of their customers and should provide inspiration to other businesses to step up their efforts.

“We are running out of time to act on the climate crisis and inaction is not an option if we are to protect the planet for future generations.”