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Blumar Seafoods reinforces sustainability strategy. In line with its sustainability strategy, which involves the company’s commitment to caring for the environment, innovation and following the circular economy, Blumar Seafoods of Chile signed an agreement with EcoLógica that seeks to ensure proper treatment of the waste generated in the cultivation centres of Salmones Blumar based on three objectives: recoverability, traceability and seeking circular economy alternatives for its waste.

The agreement seeks to implement a comprehensive plan for waste management that includes software, equipment, personnel, transportation, legal traceability and training, all with the aim of promoting reuse, recycling or composting of waste.

The beginning of the work coincides with the International Recycling Day and the agreement includes the elaboration of a work plan that considers: software, equipment, personnel, transportation, legal traceability and training, where the contracted company must ensure the preparation and classification of each item to be removed and delivered directly to final recipients or transfer stations for reuse, recycling or composting.

“We are looking for a strategic supplier to help us in this transition to a circular economy, since it is very important for us to continue advancing in caring for the environment and in the correct disposal of our waste. This agreement allows us to increase our circularity performance and dramatically reduce waste with disposal in landfills,” said the Deputy Manager of Purchasing and Supply of Blumar, Nelson Pérez.

With the EcoLógica software, Blumar will obtain indicators and recoverability reports that will allow making decisions to improve environmental management and the management of supplies purchases, since there will be greater clarity regarding which materials can be revalued and which cannot.

The Commercial Manager of EcoLógica, Diego Schneuer, commented that

“with our arrival in the area, we seek to expand coverage and support companies that today need waste management to advance their sustainability goals. An efficient and innovative administration, with adequate traceability, makes it possible to generate a real contribution in the advance to turn Chile into a true circular economy.

In this way and within the framework of the Blumar Circular project, the company seeks to reduce waste shipments to sanitary landfills to achieve optimal work in waste and recycling, in addition to continuing with the commitment it maintains with sustainability and the circular economy.