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Canadian aquaculture industry appoints new fisheries minister. The members of the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA) have welcomed the Honourable Joyce Murray as the new Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and Canadian Coast Guard and express their enthusiasm to work together to realise the opportunities for Canada through sector development.

According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the global and domestic demand for seafood continues to increase 7-10% per year. The new government has committed to ensuring that “Canada is positioned to succeed in the fast-growing global sector of the blue economy”.

Building Canada’s blue economy is a path to combatting climate change, achieving food security, Indigenous reconciliation and sustainable jobs – especially in rural, coastal and Indigenous communities. Seafood farming – fish, shellfish and seaweeds – is a central driver for blue economy development, with amongst the lowest carbon footprint for food proteins. All coasts and producing provinces of Canada – Atlantic, Pacific, Quebec and Ontario – must be part of Canada’s blue economy development.

“With the world’s largest coastline, Canada has perhaps the greatest capacity in the world to develop its seafood farming sector,” said Timothy Kennedy, CAIA President & CEO. “We have the people, innovation and drive and we look forward to working in partnership with Minister Murray towards achieving the next level of sustainable food production, food security, job creation in rural, coastal and Indigenous communities, and Indigenous reconciliation.”

CAIA will continue to advocate for improving the federal framework for seafood farming in order to better achieve Canada’s great potential, including: confirming a federal economic champion department; developing a departmental structure to better support economic development; modernizing programs for the sector; and securing stability and confidence in the BC salmon farming sector.

“We look forward to working with all new and returning Members of Parliament,” added Kennedy. “Together we know Canada can be the world’s best, most sustainable producer of farm-raised seafood in the world. CAIA is committed to being a key partner in the development of Canada’s Blue Economy Strategy.”

CAIA members generate over $5.2 billion in economic activity, over $2 billion in GDP, and employ over 21,000 Canadians delivering a healthy, growing and sustainable seafood farming sector in Canada.