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Concern about General Court ruling on EU-Morocco fisheries agreement. The Joint Euro-Moroccan Commission of Fishing Professionals has expressed its concern and caution regarding the ruling of the General Court of the EU that annuls the decisions of the Council in relation to the sustainable fisheries partnership agreement with Morocco. Both parties recall that the agreement will remain in force for at least two months (period provided for lodging an appeal), or until the date of delivery of the judgment of the Court ruling on any such appeal.

According to the sector, after that period of time, and in the worst-case scenario, the decision would be a severe blow to the EU fishing fleet since the current fishing agreement contemplates fishing authorisations for a total of 128 EU vessels.

However, the Joint Commission asks all parties to remain calm, both to politicians and professionals, and asks them to maintain the climate of friendship and good relations that exists to date, as well as to seek solutions to the problems that may arise as a result of the ruling. In this sense, the Joint Commission underlines the intense cooperation between Morocco and the EU in the framework of the neighbourhood policy.

The Joint Commission has pledged its commitment to continue strengthening business relations and maintaining mutual support, as it has done since its creation. In this sense, for the members of the Joint Euro-Moroccan Commission of Fishing Professionals, “the fisheries agreement between the EU and the Kingdom of Morocco has proven to be extremely positive for both parties, including the population of the Sahara, as well as fundamental to advance in the sustainable management of fishery resources. We can only hope that both parties can resolve the situation and that the good cooperation between Morocco and the EU in fisheries can continue in the future”.

About the Joint EU-Moroccan Commission of Fishing Professionals

The Joint Euro-Moroccan Commission of Fisheries Professionals was created in February 2018 between the European fisheries organizations that are part of Europêche and by the Maritime Fisheries and Aquaculture Federation of Morocco (FPMA) in order to promote the business relations between both parties, propose measures to improve the fluidity of commercial exchanges and defend common interests. Since 2011 exists as well the Joint Spanish-Moroccan Commission of Fishing Professionals.