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Eco Friendly Chiller Pack from Cepac

Eco Friendly Chiller Pack from Cepac – Cepac chiller pack offers eco-friendly alternative to expanded polystyrene packaging

The ‘chiller pack’ is a corrugated cardboard construction which allows transportation of fish or shellfish in a chilled environment without the use of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

he design features a sling which sits within a flat cardboard pack with a ventilation system which allows excess water to drain away from the product, leaving only fresh ice within the package. This drainage system allows for dry transportation of fish and shellfish which can start to decompose if sitting in water.

Cepac’s design and manufacturing teams are committed to delivering the highest quality packaging solutions to clients and in recent times it has placed significant focus on innovative approaches to sustainable and recyclable materials.

Cepac’s specialist transit packaging team have developed the product in collaboration with the aquaculture industry. The registered design has undergone external independent testing, which confirms that the pack exceeds current end user requirements.

Within a controlled laboratory environment, designed to replicate chilled transportation, the Cepac Chiller Pack achieved excellent results, keeping the core temperature of the pack at a constant low.

Roger Thomson, Head of Innovation at Cepac, said:

“The pack is a great example of our strategic approach, using innovation and clever design to offer a real packaging solution which can also help to reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions. This product allows seafood producers to move away from the traditional plastic packaging to a paper-based solution.”

The Chiller Pack has also gained awards for its ingenious design. It has been awarded top prize in the Innovation category at the 2020 Aquaculture Awards – an annual event which highlights exceptional contributions to the industry. In addition it picked up the top prize in the Best New Concept Category at the UK Packaging Awards in 2019.

Nigel Hobson, Head of Sales and Strategy at Cepac Rawcliffe, added:

“This highly innovative Chiller Pack continues to attract great interest, demonstrating that corrugated is a feasible and sustainable transit solution for the aquaculture industry. The effectiveness of the pack is backed-up by laboratory tests and published results and we are delighted that the product has been commended by awards panels not once but twice! We are very excited about its development potential.”

The Cepac Rawcliffe site, where the product was designed, has recently completed its second BRCGS audit of 2021, gaining the AA standard. BRCGS (British Retail Consortium Global Standard) is the industry-leading certification which provides customer assurances on standards and quality. The AA standard specifically allows Cepac Rawcliffe to manufacture packaging for indirect and direct food contact.

John Astill, Operations Manager at Rawcliffe commented:

“The whole team has worked tirelessly with enormous commitment to attain this accreditation. Our philosophy is one of continuous improvement and the site will go from strength to strength. Everyone should feel rightly proud of this great team effort.”

Equipped with this new accreditation the site will continue to drive innovation in packaging for the food and drinks market. Specifically using ‘The Workshop’, a customer experience venue, where products transform from initial idea generation through to working prototypes in as little as a day. Cepac are hungry to work with clients on their challenges and welcome visits as these are part of their design process.

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