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Marine Science



Greenland shrimp survey. The Icelandic fresher trawler Helga María operated by Brim is now docked in Nuuk in Greenland after having spent the last month carrying out shrimp survey work off western Greenland on behalf of the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources.

Helga María’s skipper Heimir Guðbjörnsson and his crew took part in a similar survey last year. “Everything has worked out well,” said Guðbjörnsson. “We hit heavy weather at the beginning of the trip, but nothing out of the ordinary. There was a lot of ice across the area and much more fog than we saw last year,’ he said, adding that they visited the same trawl positions as last year.

“We went as far as 72°33’N, as we did last year. We went ashore in Ilulissat on 15th of June and had the opportunity to walk to the ice fjord where there is a constant flow of icebergs coming down. That was certainly a sight worth seeing.”

According to Heimir Guðbjörnsson, it’s only off Baffin Land in the Canadian EEZ that sea ice has been a problem.

“There was a lot of ice there, and it got thicker through the summer. The ice stretched all the way to the midway line between Canada and Greenland, and all we could do when the ice prevented us from working, which was a day and a half, was to use the time for research work in the Greenlandic zone,” he said.

This brings the first half of Helga María’s survey trip to an end. Friðleifur Einarsson will relieve Heimir for the second part of the trip, as he and his crew are about to arrive in Nuuk. The aim of the second phase of the survey is to examine the distribution of cod and redfish, with the last few days of the survey reserved for research work off eastern Greenland. Helga María’s survey is scheduled to end on 3rd August.