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Hydrographic survey taking place off Plymouth. Devon & Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority is helping to inform fishers about hydrographic survey work in the Plymouth to Bolt Head area which will take place between 7th April and 15th May.

A Notice to Mariners has been issued by Clinton Marine Survey for updating nautical charts Fowey to Bolt Head – HI 1678 and HI 1679.

The survey will not include any towed or trailed equipment and it is not expected to interfere with any other vessel or any set fishing gear but as highly sensitive Multi Beam Echo Sounders, as well as highly sensitive motion sensors, are being used a wide berth is requested and if possible passing vessels are requested to reduce speed.

The 11.2-meter survey vessel ‘LODE’ is based in Plymouth and is now on-site and surveying in block B3.

The survey team have asked fishers to please make sure that any creels or pots that you have in the survey area are clearly marked and buoyed to avoid fouling.

MV Lode will be required to make frequent port calls to re-fuel and change crew. Although the survey is not expected to interfere with any other vessel or any set fishing gear, if you are unsure about the operations you are encouraged to make contact.

During survey operations a listening watch will be kept on VHF Channels 16 & 12 and MV Lode and the MV Northern Wind, that will be surveying more Western areas, can be contacted for information relating to vessel movement only.

More information: https://www.devonandsevernifca.gov.uk/Latest-news/Notice-to-Mariners-Hydrographic-Survey-Work