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International support for Norway’s efforts to combat pink salmon. The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the EU, Iceland and Denmark (on behalf of the Faroe Islands and Greenland) have praised Norway’s efforts against the pink salmon.

In a joint statement, all NASCO states except Russia acknowledge that Norway’s efforts against pink salmon will help limit the spread of the harmful alien species to other countries in the North Atlantic.

“Support from so many key players in the North Atlantic salmon cooperation is motivating for the work against pink salmon and other alien species in the years to come,” says Minister of Climate and Environment Andreas Bjelland Eriksen.

The threat from pink salmon in the North Atlantic was one of the most central topics during the meeting of the parties to the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation (NASCO) last week. With the exception of Russia, Norway is the country with the most pink salmon in its rivers.

“Norway has been a pioneer in developing methods that catch pink salmon efficiently and gently, and in prioritising and coordinating efforts in a good way. This shows that Norway is already taking seriously the goal of reducing the harmful impact of alien species in the Nature Agreement,’ said Minister of Climate and Environment Andreas Bjelland Eriksen.

The government has so far given more than NOK 65 million to the fight against pink salmon. In 2021 and 2023, extensive measures were implemented to remove pink salmon in Norwegian rivers, both through targeted fishing and separate pink salmon traps. Norway’s control strategy has been very successful in the vast majority of rivers, and we have succeeded in removing large quantities of the unwanted species.

“There has been a formidable effort to combat the pink salmon in Norwegian rivers. In close cooperation with the administration, the local population in Troms and Finnmark has shown a fantastic determination and ingenuity in the fight against the pink salmon. I am pleased that other states with Atlantic salmon see that Norway’s efforts have been successful and that it is necessary to continue this work in the years to come,’ said Minister of Climate and Environment Andreas Bjelland Eriksen.

In addition to praising Norway for its efforts against pink salmon, the countries encourage all member states of NASCO to consider their own measures against pink salmon to prevent further spread.



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