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New messaging platform to shift American appetites to seafood. Changing Tastes, a food strategy consultancy focused on the impact of food on our health, culture and planet, has announced the release of its ‘More if By Sea’ messaging platform aimed at shifting American appetites more heavily toward foods from the ocean.

“More if By Sea” will be presented at the Seafood Expo North America — the largest seafood industry event in North America — on March 15. Changing Tastes’ managing director Arlin Wasserman, culinary strategist R.J. Harvey and managing consultant Penelope Shure Wasserman will speak about the new ways the seafood industry and its partners, including grocery and restaurant companies, can help make this shift by changing how they communicate with customers.

The new messaging platform is intended for the seafood industry, grocery retail and restaurant foodservice companies and the many allied organisations and trade groups working on nutrition, ocean conservation and sustainable seafood. Its goal is to enhance the effectiveness of these organisations and the messages and advice they share with customers, partners and the public.

Changing Tastes intends that through the use of the ‘More if By Sea’ platform, over half of Americans will choose fish and seafood for one more meal each week. The company’s research has found that Americans are poised to eat more fish and seafood as they continue to reconsider their protein choices. This modest and achievable change would represent the largest increase in fish and seafood consumption in over half a century and could have a sizable and lasting impact on public health and the health of the planet.

“We are at a demographic fork in the road where changing the messages we use can both substantially increase the market for fish and seafood and also help maintain current demand,” said Wasserman, Changing Tastes’ managing director. “The increase in fish and seafood consumption over the past decade has been driven by the baby boomer generation, which has embraced a message of seafood as simple and healthy, including a focus on healthy fats and heart health. But America is experiencing a generational shift, with millennials now being the largest demographic group. Today’s consumers increasingly see their own health and the health of the oceans connected through eating fish and seafood. To increase consumption, we need to adopt new messages and approaches that match the preferences, attitudes and beliefs of those poised to eat more fish and seafood. This new messaging platform is designed to do just that.”

To learn more, please visit https://www.changingtastes.net/more. To set-up a meeting at Seafood Expo North America, contact Changing Tastes at https://www.changingtastes.net/contact.

About Changing Tastes
Changing Tastes is a food strategy consultancy that has worked at the intersection of sustainability and the food industry for two decades. During that time, our team has pioneered many of the common sustainability practices in the food industry, from creating the first ever sustainability strategy for a major food company to creating the plant-forward culinary strategy. Changing Tastes has created and catalysed many of the now mainstream changes in what Americans choose to eat and what the retail and hospitality industry offers them. Learn more at www.changingtastes.net.