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New Thai style tuna flakes launched. Thai Union’s SEALECT Tuna has partnered with Pa Waen, a well-known local brand for Thai mixed chili paste, to launch five new flavours of SEALECT spicy tuna flakes. The spicy chili tuna flake product line is the first of its kind in the Thai market, combining nutritious tuna meat with local flavours. The SEALECT Tuna x Pa Waen Chili tuna flakes are available at leading supermarkets in Thailand and online channels.

“At Thai Union, we do not limit our product innovation only to the lab, and responding to local demand is something we always look at. Thai food is very famous for its spicy dishes and we think collaborating with a well-known local brand to meet customers’ demands to combine a tuna dish with their favorite taste is a very good idea,” said Saran Rattanarungruengchai, General Manager – Emerging Markets at Thai Union.

“The collaboration has combined our healthy and nutritious tuna with special recipes by Pa Waen, a brand developed by a respectable entrepreneur who started her business from scratch and has become famous for its mouth-watering homemade recipes. Pa Waen’s plant uses local ingredients from nearby communities.”

The SEALECT spicy tuna flakes come in five flavours, combining key Thai spices such as galangal, turmeric, bird’s eye chili, pepper, and lemongrass.

“I experimented with recipes using SEALECT tuna myself and everyone at the tasting round was very happy,” said Bang-orn Wannoi, the owner and founder of Pa Waen. “I was a farmer before and would like to help farmers in my community in Chon Buri province. Buying herbs and ingredients from them is one way to help. We will grow together.”