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NOAA Fisheries appoints new Chief Information Officer. NOAA Fisheries announces the appointment of Nancy Majower as their new Chief Information Officer. The Office of the Chief Information Officer is responsible for website design and development, customer support services, information technology security management, infrastructure management, and software development across Fisheries.

As the Chief Information Officer, Majower will align information management and technology resources with NOAA Fisheries’ mission and priorities. She will lead a unified IT vision across NOAA Fisheries, concentrating on the design, development, and delivery of digital products and services that support staff and constituents.

“We are thrilled to welcome Nancy into this position,” said Paul Doremus, the Acting Assistant Administrator for NOAA Fisheries. “For more than 10 years, she has fuelled innovation across the Fisheries IT community by focusing on continuous improvements that deliver on our core operations which have built lasting and scalable partnerships with a clear vision of the future.”

Majower will work with leadership on the implementation of emerging technologies, including citizen science, omics, uncrewed systems, and artificial intelligence, to address mission priorities and achieve organisational excellence. Specifically, she will lead NOAA Fisheries priorities to:

  • Modernise the fishery data enterprise to enable the use of analytics such as artificial intelligence technology
  • Incorporate cloud computing to make NOAA data more accessible to partners and industry
  • Increase the use of open data source tools and migrate to cloud computing to improve workflow, collaboration, economy, and efficiency
  • Develop and share tools, templates, and processes for rapid, secure software development and project management that improves efficiency
  • Pursue collaboration through citizen science engagement for innovation

“Nancy looks at enabling digital transformation in our organisation and focuses on how to use current, up and coming, and innovative new technologies to further advance the NOAA Fisheries mission,” said Brian Pawlak, NOAA Fisheries’ Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator for Operations. “Her objective is to drive end-user and mission success across digital innovation within the Fisheries, and with our partners.”

Majower has deep experience in diverse areas of information management and technology within the federal government and at NOAA Fisheries. For more than 10 years, Majower served as Deputy Director for the NOAA Fisheries Office of the Chief Information Officer. In more recent years she has focused on the development of key Science & Technology strategies for the agency. She has continued to lead and manage focused activities that increase the pace of IT modernisation, address critical cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and execute the overarching digital strategy for NOAA Fisheries.

“I am honoured and privileged to assume the role as Fisheries Chief Information Officer and sit with our NOAA Fisheries experts to help them improve the technologies behind what we do in providing vital services for the nation,” said Majower. “There are a lot of opportunities for technology and data science to contribute towards the advancement of the Fisheries mission, and the future will be exciting to pursue new avenues allowing us to engage with our constituents.”

Before joining the federal government, Majower held IT management positions leading up to various roles for OCIO in IT Security, Network, and Help Desk Operations. She received both a Master’s Degree in Information Systems and Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of Maryland.