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Nova Austral gains sustainability certifications. Chilean salmon farmer Nova Austral continues to advance in its process to certify 100% of its production with the most demanding programmes in terms of sustainability for the aquaculture industry. The company recently achieved the ‘Best Aquaculture Practices‘ (BAP) seal from the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA), and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification for the Cockburn 23 salmon farm, located in the Magallanes Region in Chile.

In July 2020 Nova Austral received the BAP certification for the Aracena 19 cultivation centre and in March 2021 it achieved the same certification, with four stars, for five more centres -Aracena 1, Aracena 3, Aracena 4, Aracena 5 and Aracena 13-, as well as for the process plant located in Porvenir and the new fish farm, located in Tierra del Fuego.

Meanwhile, in December 2020, it was recognised with the ASC certification for the Aracena 1 and Aracena 5 centres.

The receipt of these two certifications, considered the most demanding for aquaculture production globally, confirms that the Cockburn 23 farm operates under the highest sustainability standards in the industry, supports that the salmon production produced by Nova Austral is of the highest quality and free of antibiotics.

“Adding these important certifications for another of our farming centres shows that as a company we are working steadily to operate in all our processes with the highest standards of sustainability, environmental responsibility and good practices. By December of this year we hope to obtain the certification for a new centre, thus approaching the objective of complying with 100% of the production verified with the BAP and ASC standards, the highest in the industry, ”said Nicolás Larco, general manager of Nova Austral.

These new certifications for the Cockburn 23 centre are part of the plan defined by Nova Austral and that seeks to strengthen good practices and generate value for the long term.