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Commercial Fishing



Patrols Monitor Scallop Fisheries in the South West . Since the Salcombe Harbour scallop fishery opened from the 16th December (as the 15th December was a Sunday), officers from Devon and Servern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (D&S IFCA) have conducted patrols to monitor the fishing activity taking place. Scallop dredging within the estuary requires a mobile fishing category two permit that is issued by D&S IFCA.

There are restrictions in place to manage this activity and the restrictions were originally developed with the input of fishers. No infringements were detected during the patrols.

Fishers are not permitted to dredge within the whole estuary and areas of seagrass are protected.

The closing lines at each end of the fishery are shown in a chart (Annex 3) which forms part of the permit conditions. Line A at the top of the fishery is between Snapes Point and Scoble Point and line B at the bottom of the fishery is between Ager Point and Woodville Rocks.

There are 9 controls in place to regulate the activity which are listed below:

  1. The area of the Salcombe estuary that can be fished is defined in Annex 3;
  2. The vessel used must not exceed seven metres in overall length;
  3. Dredging is permitted between 15th December to 15th March. The permit holder must inform the Authority prior to fishing for the first time during the fishing season;
  4. The permit holder must submit to the Authority at the end of the period the number of scallops landed;
  5. The maximum dredge width to be used shall be one metre;
  6. The maximum number of dredges to be used at any one time shall be two;
  7. No toothed dredges shall be used;
  8. Dredges shall be hauled by hand only and no mechanical assistance is permitted;
  9. Fishing shall only take place between 0900hrs (local time) and 1600hrs (local time) on weekdays, but not during public holidays.


More details at: https://www.devonandsevernifca.gov.uk/Latest-news/Salcombe-Harbour-Patrols


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