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Pescanova launches new snacking products – Nueva Pescanova, the Spanish seafood processor, used the occasion of this week’s Seafood Expo Global in Brussels from 7 to 9 May to launch its latest easy to prepare and snacking products to meet consumer demand.

With a strong focus on vannamei shrimp, the products include Picatapas and Fiesta snacks: prepared skewers; as well as their new range of top-quality cooked shrimps, Rodolfos, presented in 550 gr trays. These are complemented with traditional steamed hake recipes which come in three different presentations: in garlic and parsley sauce, in Greek sauce and in La Rioja sauce.

Pescanova was also finalist of the Seafood Excellence Global Awards, a competition designed to recognize the best seafood products of the year in different categories.

Their contending products were Brochettes BIO Garlic and Parsley and Fiesta Shrimp with Cream Cheese & Chives Sauce.

The Nueva Pescanova Group is a leading multinational company specialising in the fishing, farming, processing and commercialisation of seafood products that was created to revolutionise the fishing industry and bring the freshness of the sea to the customer’s table.

With more than 11,000 employees in four continents, it is one of the few multinational seafood companies that integrate all the activities of the value chain, from source to sale.