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Pure Salmon Achieves Sustainability Endorsement – Pure Salmon Poland SP. Z.O.O. (formerly “Global Fish”), a land-based Atlantic Salmon farm located near Warsaw, Poland, announces its product has officially been recommended by the Ocean Wise Seafood program as an ocean-friendly farmed fish option.

Pure Salmon Poland is co-owned by AquaMaof Aquacultures Technologies Ltd. and 8F Asset Management Pte. Ltd.’s private equity funds, and operates as both a commercial business and an R&D and training center for AquaMaof and Pure Salmon.

The Ocean Wise Seafood program is a conservation program that helps consumers and businesses to choose sustainable seafood options based on the most recent scientific information. The Ocean Wise symbol next to a seafood item is an assurance that the product is ocean-friendly, and that it’s harvested with the long-term health of our oceans, lakes, and rivers at top priority. As an approved partner, Pure Salmon Poland has been verified to comply with Ocean Wise Seafood standards for sustainable aquaculture practices. “We are proud to partner with companies like Pure Salmon Poland,” said Sophika Kostyniuk, Manager of the Ocean Wise Seafood program. “Their sustainable farming practices ensure more Ocean Wise recommended Atlantic salmon options will be accessible long into the future.”

A few weeks ago, Pure Salmon also received the ASC certification for responsibly farmed seafood. The ASC logo on a product guarantees full traceability throughout the supply chain, from farm to fork.

Pure Salmon Poland is a fully operational, land-based commercial facility that produces and markets Atlantic Salmon of 4kg and above. With the goal of producing a combined 260,000 tons of salmon per year, this global initiative uses AquaMaof’s proprietary Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology and design. AquaMaof is also currently using Pure Salmon Poland as an R&D center, conducting trials and experiments to enhance the technology’s sustainability and streamline operations, as well as a global training center to train staff on operating and maintaining the AquaMaof technology.

“We’re extremely excited to receive another endorsement that assures our commitment to producing sustainable fish,” says Eran Huppert, General Director of Pure Salmon Poland. “Now, more than ever, we understand the importance of promoting a sustainable and disease-free environment, especially in food production, and we have been making every effort to achieve just that. These endorsements are a confirmation that we are providing a safe, traceable environment that is also environmentally-friendly.”