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Sanford Opens NZ Showcase

Sanford Opens NZ Showcase to celebrate the diversity of its seafood – New Zealand’s biggest fishing company, Sanford has recently re-opened the Auckland Fish Market after an extensive nine month long refurbishment

The ground floor of Sanford’s 94-year-old building in the Wynyard Quarter now hosts 10 new eateries and two bars and a Sanford & Son fishmonger in the centre of the market.

The Sanford building was first erected by its founder, Albert Sanford in 1924, and also serves as the company’s headquarters.

Sanford wants the historic fish market to be a destination for locals and tourists to explore the diversity and range of fish and seafood restaurants which are celebrating New Zealand seafood.

The eateries and restaurants include Azabu Japanese restaurant, Tiki Thai restaurant, Good Karma Coffee, Ika Bowl, Billypot, Mar & Tierra and The Wreck courtyard bar with a pizzeria. 

The market will have a formal opening in early 2019.


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