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Seafood Scotland respond to Government funding. In response to the UK Government’s announcement of emergency funding for the UK seafood sector, Donna Fordyce, Chief Executive of Seafood Scotland said:

“After almost three weeks of voicing their concerns and frustrations, we welcome the fact that the Scottish seafood sector has been heard and action is being taken. While we await the full detail of the package, we know that there will be questions around the extent to which it supports the entire supply chain, from fleet to export.

“As we currently understand it, the deal offers crucial short-term assistance and includes much to be welcomed, particularly the £23m of new funding. It is also reassuring to see that the processing sector is set to be included in future support packages. This will offer a ray of light to some small and medium sized companies that have experienced crippling losses over the past few weeks.  However, larger companies and smaller shellfish boats are still vulnerable, and will be hoping that they can access support too.

“Money will offer a much needed sticking plaster covering the losses over the last few weeks, but to completely staunch the wound, the sector still needs a period of grace during which the systems must be overhauled so they are fit for purpose. It is also essential that groupage returns to a fully operational state as a matter of urgency. Tonight’s announcement is certainly a step in the right direction and we will continue to work with industry, partners and Government to ensure the sector gets the proactive support it so desperately needs.”