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Sustainability and profitability top the bill at RAS Virtual Summit. RAStech magazine celebrates the pioneers of sustainable seafood production at the first-ever 2020 RAS Virtual Summit on Sept. 16, 2020. This global online event gathers together the world’s leaders in land-based aquaculture to deliver executive insights and best practices from RAS experts in the global aquaculture industry.

Designed with RAS operators in mind, the RAS Virtual Summit covers an array of topics along the value chain, including technology and systems design; fish growth and welfare management; and business operations.

“We are bringing together top executives from RAS operators across the globe and create a venue for meaningful discussions about the future of land-based aquaculture and sustainable food production,” said RAStech editor Mari-Len De Guzman. “As the source for RAS professionals across the world, RAStech is continually expanding its platform to provide meaningful content to our audience. Given the current global pandemic, the RAS Virtual Summit enables this global community to connect and learn about the latest in RAS developments around the world without the health risks associated with COVID-19.”

The RAS Virtual Summit will feature a combination of live presentations, Q&A sessions and panel discussions. Attendees will also have access to a library of on-demand sessions from scientists at The Freshwater Institute, a program of the Conservation Fund, which focuses on research that supports the sustainability of America’s seafood supply.

“The new summit is just one more way in which RAStech is able to facilitate further discussions and knowledge sharing about RAS. Plus, with this being a free online event, it makes it easy for industry professionals worldwide to listen in and participate,” said Jeremy Thain, advertising manager at RAStech. “Big RAS, small RAS, technology, design, investing, research and more. In reality it’s more like a virtual ‘RAS festival’ than a one-day event.”

The full schedule of the 2020 RAS Virtual Summit can be found at www.rastechmagazine.com.

About RAStech

RAStech is a supplement magazine to Hatchery International and Aquaculture North America, covering the latest developments in land-based aquaculture. Our multimedia content is designed for owners and operators of recirculating aquaculture systems.

Whether it’s RAS for hatchery, nursery, post-smolt, full grow-out, aquaponics or aquaculture research facilities, RAStech delivers relevant content to our target audience four times a year in print, and online through our e-newsletter.

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Mari-Len De Guzman, editor