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Tuna Infusions launch in Thailand. Thai Union Group has launched its ready-to-eat Tuna Infusions in Thailand, where it expects its tuna business to grow 12 percent by the end of 2019 as a result of new products that focus on taste and convenience.

Tuna Infusions by SEALECT Tuna is sold at 7-11 convenience stores, Tops Supermarket and WE Fitness outlets, in both Thai chili and sun-dried tomato flavours. It comes in a recyclable transparent cup with built-in fork. Each cup of tuna flakes infused with olive oil contains 20 grams of protein and 130-140 kcal.

“Consumers in Thailand are increasingly aware of the importance of health,” said Saran Rattanarungruengchai, General Manager – Emerging Markets at Thai Union. “This makes us confident that as a healthy and nutritious meal, tuna products still have room to grow in this market.”

“The canned tuna market in Thailand, not including the food service channel, is worth 700 million baht. The market growth dropped 2 percent in the past year. However, per capita tuna consumption in Thailand was about 40 grams per year, so we see room for tuna products to grow in this market.”

SEALECT Tuna is the leading brand in the Thai market with 47 percent of market share. Saran said he is confident that Thai Union’s innovative tuna products will help enhance consumer satisfaction.

“We are looking to communicate more on nutrition, which we hope will double tuna consumption here. Fish and seafood are good sources of protein and tuna is a very good choice for a nutritious meal for health-conscious consumers.”

Tuna Infusions was earlier launched in the U.S. under the Chicken of the Sea brand, with more than one million cups sold within its first six months. Tuna Infusions also won Product of the Year 2019 from PEOPLE Food Awards.