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Visit NOAA Fisheries at SENA. March madness isn’t only about basketball—at NOAA Fisheries it’s also about Seafood Expo North America (SENA), held every March in Boston for the past 39 years.

The largest seafood trade show in North America, SENA is a dizzying gathering of seafood companies and interests from around the world and attended by over 20,000 visitors. From farmed fish, shellfish, and seaweed products to wild-capture seafood and “value-added” products like fish sticks, SENA is a lens into the complex world of the global seafood trade.

Over the years SENA has also evolved into an important conference for stakeholders to examine key issues, policies and advancements critical to sustainable seafood—both fished and farmed. And this is where the participation of NOAA Fisheries is so critical.

Last year, the newly appointed Assistant Administrator for Fisheries, Chris Oliver, attended SENA for the first time and was struck by the value of SENA as a venue for NOAA Fisheries to engage with industry about the stewardship practices and accountability measures required in the United States. He was also struck by the importance and influence of the United States in leading sustainable practices in the global seafood economy, and how much these practices enrich the stewardship of our global ocean resources.

After more than 30 years of participation, NOAA Fisheries—their expertise, leadership, and availability—will once again be on display and participating in SENA 2019. Their experts will participate in two panel discussions dealing with traceability and domestic aquaculture development, and host a one-stop shop of federal agencies available for conversation and to answer questions.

If you attend SENA and have an opportunity to taste the samples, all U.S.-produced seafood is highly recommended—surprise! It’s also worth a visit to their panels and definitely stop by their booth, #181, and introduce yourself.