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AKVA purchases fish farm mooring system – AKVA group has entered into an agreement with Carl Stahl to purchase the mooring system Alfaring with two associated patents. The transaction was completed Monday 20 July.

Alfaring is a mooring system that is specially adapted to floating fish farms. The main component of the system is a flexible coupling ring in polyurethane (with an endless steel rope as core) which acts as a coupling point for anchor lines and attachment point for buoyancy buoy in a frame mooring. The system has low weight, long service life and long inspection intervals.

In addition, the system has a design that reduces the risk of tears in the net or mooring line, and the system satisfies the requirements of NS 9415 that apply to floating fish farms.“One of the biggest advantages of Alfaring as a connection point is that we avoid more steel components,” says product manager mooring Roar Østebøvik.

“This will not be exposed to corrosion in the same way as a traditional connection point, and this will make us better able to deliver to markets that increasingly demand steel-free solutions.”

AKVA group is present in all markets with offices in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, Greece, Iceland, Canada, Australia and Turkey. AKVA group is a unique partner with the capability to offer both pen farming and land based aquaculture operations with complete technical solutions and service.