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Algal Bloom Technology at AquaNor

Algal bloom technology at Aqua Nor – In Hall G at Aqua Nor in Trondheim this week, visitors were able to experience both technology and seafood.

Among the exhibitors were the biologists and technologists at FUNN. In close cooperation with the aquaculture industry, they have developed a technology for monitoring algal blooms, a service which the Norwegian aquaculture industry urgently needed during the algal crisis this summer.

“Our sensor is placed in places where it is farmed and provides real-time information on algae levels. Collected data is stored and provides important historical documentation. The fish farmers can also use this documentation in relation to the management to show that the marine environment at the sites is back to normal – and thus they can start their production cycles again,” explains Tone Rasmussen, marine biologist and general manager of Sea-Eco – one of the companies behind FUNN.

She is on the stand with technologist and engineer Bjørn Erik Rønhaug, who acts as the technology experts in the alliance.

“Technology must be controlled by biology – our job is to effectively communicate useful data on biology and the environment by using technology. Fortunately, there is a strong sharing culture in the aquaculture industry, which means that a tool such as the algae monitoring that we have now created can have great potential for all players in the industry. If we get data from all localities, you can in the same way as with the salmon lice monitoring at BarentsWatch be told early on whether a new algae wave is blooming,” says Rønhaug.


Photograph Courtesy of Aqua Nor