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Aquademia Podcast Launch Announcement. The Global Aquaculture Alliance is excited to announce a long-awaited offering: the new Aquademia Podcast! Hosted by GAA’s Academy team members Shaun O’Loughlin and Justin Grant, Aquademia is your go-to podcast for a fresh take on all things seafood. The podcast aims to educate consumers and industry professionals on how seafood is connected with the issues facing our planet, what consumers can do to help, and arm them with the knowledge to make better seafood choices!

Aquademia launches in early March, and will be available on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, and anywhere you can find quality podcasts.

Podcast episodes will be released on a biweekly basis, with “tweener” episodes coming out on the weeks in between. Each episode will feature interviews from professionals of many disciplines to demonstrate how deeply seafood is connected with our world. From seafood industry professionals to environmental scientists to chefs, all voices will be included.

The podcast will address topics such as sustainability, global climate change, eco-labels, aquaculture vs. wild caught, as well as seafood recipes, species spotlights, and sustainable living tips.

Members of GAA will have exclusive access to the full interviews of all professionals, which can be found in the Member Toolkit. Members can also access all podcast episodes through the Member Toolkit and stream it online.

Come join GAA for Aquademia Podcast’s official launch party at Seafood Expo North America on Monday, March 18 at 3 PM, located at GAA’s booth No. 481.

To learn more about the podcast, please email podcast@aquaculturealliance.org.