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Australis Aquaculture becomes Fair Trade certified. Australis Aquaculture has become the world’s first Barramundi farmer and Asia’s first aquaculture finfish producer to be Fair Trade certified.

Since being founded in 2004, the company has been dedicated to the pursuit of producing the most delicious fish imaginable in the most responsible way possible. Australis see Fair Trade as a natural component of their mission. The Better Fish® will be one of the first national seafood brands to be Fair Trade certified, and the only one that commits 100% of its Barramundi sales to the programme. This initiative will help support the expansion of our community-focused programmes in Vietnam.

A portion of revenue from each pound of Fair Trade Certified Barramundi sold will be contributed to a fund that will be distributed to over 300 workers and their communities in Central Vietnam. Disbursement of the funds will be used will be determined by a democratically elected committee consisting only of Australis workers (not managers).

Consumers will begin to see the new Fair Trade Certified seal on all The Better Fish® Barramundi products sold in the US later this summer.  Later on, Australis hope to share updates about how the funds are positively impacting our people’s lives.

The concept of Fair Trade has existed since 1988 to help create more equitable societies worldwide, and you’ve most likely seen the label on coffee, chocolate, teas, and other goods. But what about seafood?

Today, over three billion people depend on seafood as their primary protein source. The shift to aquaculture has become increasingly important to meet the growing demand—and over half of the world’s seafood now comes from aquaculture. While the Fair Trade USA seafood standard has been active since 2014, Australis is one of the first aquaculture fish farms to achieve certification.

Building on their commitment to competitive wages, gender equity, and safe working conditions, Australis says it is excited to pursue a new way for our most valuable asset – people – to realise their aspirations for improving their communities.

“We’re thrilled to see Australis going all the way with its commitment to fair trade and the livelihoods of its employees in Vietnam,” said Blake Stok, Senior Programme and Partnership Manager, Seafood at Fair Trade USA.

“Our new aquaculture programme brings protections and benefits to producers of cultured seafood and promotes socially responsible growth in the industry through partnerships with intentional producers like Australis.”