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BIO-UV Group reveals range of UV-C and Ozone disinfection systems at Aquaculture Europe 2022. High-performance, sustainable water disinfection technology to preserve pond quality.

Actively involved in the booming global aquaculture sector, BIO-UV Group will be exhibiting at Aquaculture Europe 2022, displaying its versatile range of sustainable UV-C and Ozone solutions for disinfecting pond water. The well-established technologies prevent proliferation of algae and development of waterborne diseases and reproduce high water quality similar to the natural ecosystem and biological environments in freshwater or saltwater ponds. Products presented at the exhibition will include the BIO-UV Group’s new Positive Pressure Ozone generator range, triogen® PPO3.

UV-C and Ozone, two chemical-free, sustainable technologies developed by BIO-UV Group for over 35 years!

Since the acquisition of triogen® in 2019, and with the ambition to provide the most effective solutions to meet the specific requirements for aquaculture applications, BIO-UV Group has expanded its offer to include ozone disinfection and water oxidation systems for ponds.

Ozone is a simple and effective treatment that breaks down the particles present in water recirculation systems used in aquaculture and fish farming. The process disinfects and oxidises pollutants present in the water, eliminates organic and inorganic contaminants, and increases the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water.

The result is exceptional water quality for fish growth (reduced loss) and production quality. With expertise built up over more than 35 years, triogen® by BIO-UV Group is revealing its new generation of PPO3 ozone generators to meet the most demanding standards of the aquaculture industry and fish farms.

Design based on the latest smart technology, this powerful new ozone oxidation system is both flexible and modular. It is simple to operate, with a user-friendly interface including innovative output control, power trending, and a built-in OPEX Calculator, enabling technicians to seamlessly control both operation and energy consumption, and the latest controls and communications built in.

As a leading supplier of UV-C water disinfection systems, BIO-UV Group provides freshwater and saltwater pond owners with UV-C treatment systems engineered to disinfect water and maintain biological balance of ponds. To meet the needs of each aquaculture application, BIO-UV Group has developed a wide large range of UV reactors that continuously eradicate all micro-organisms without any chemicals, resulting in natural and perfectly healthy water.

These UV reactors are designed with a special coating for freshwater or saltwater use. TTPE and triogen® Integra UV reactors, for example, are robust, using Marine-certified components and, corrosion-resistant power cabinets. Another solution presented at the exhibition is the Open Channel, to be fitted directly at the entrance to a water channel.

With its extremely high level of expertise in UV and Ozone technologies, BIO-UV Group provides systems that are suitable for all types of structure. From a small fish farm to a larger RAS (Recycling Aquaculture System) production, UV reactors and ozone generators are designed to meet the needs of all industry players. To find out more, head to Aquaculture Europe 2022!

About BIO-UV Group

For more than 20 years, BIO-UV Group has been designing, manufacturing and servicing ultraviolet light (UV-C), ozone, AOP and salt electrolysis water treatment systems for a multitude of industrial, residential and municipal applications. In 2011, it added the treatment of ships’ ballast water to its range. The company’s product range is designed and produced at its own purpose-built facilities across France and the UK, allowing the company to quickly respond to its customer’s specific requirements. A public-listed company since July 2018, BIO-UV Group has a consolidated turnover of €44.3 million and a current workforce of 150 employees. More than 50% of the group’s sales are made in export markets with more than 30% in the ballast water treatment market.