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Commercial Fishing



Brim’s catches down slightly in 2020 but value rises. Brim’s Icelandic fishing fleet landed a total of 128,000 tonnes in 2020, which is 11,000 tonnes less than the 2019 total.

Landings from the pelagic vessels were down approximately 7000 tonnes compared to the year before, due primarily to a lower blue whiting catch than in the previous year. There was no fishing for capelin in 2019 or 2020.

The freezer trawlers’ catches were similar as in 2019.

The fresher trawlers landed approximately 3000 tonnes less than in 2019, primarily due to the closure of the Norðurgarður processing plant, where production was suspended as equipment was renewed and repairs carried out to the building. The acquisition of Kambur hf last year, added longliner Kristján HF-100 to the fleet.

Overall catch values came to ISK18,054 million, representing an increase of ISK525 million between years.

About Brim Seafood

The story of Brim Seafood is the story of expertise, innovation and responsible fishing. One of the biggest fishing companies in Iceland. The focus has always been our products, the community and the environment. Emphasising corporate social responsibility and respect for the Icelandic marine resources. You can find that sense of responsibility in every corner of Brim Seafood.

Placing great importance on taking proper care of the fish stocks. Making this great resource that we all share to thrive in the best possible habitat.

Certified by IFS, FEMAS, IFFO and HACCP – a testimony to the commitment to produce only the highest quality of fish products.

The wild caught fish and the responsible and traceable fishery is the core of Brim – and is MSC-certified.