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Seafood Processing



Chef Middle East launches new processing facility. Chef Middle East has announced the launch of its seafood processing solution, as part of its regional growth strategy – a simplified premium offering which aims to cater to demand from foodservice operators.

The distributor announced the expansion of its operations with a seafood processing solution for the UAE market. Over the years, and based on customer and market demands, Chef Middle East (CME) has continuously developed its seafood category and now carries an extensive range of fresh and frozen products imported from different parts of the world.

With this constant growth mindset, paired with a strong understanding of the local market and
a keen focus on anticipating customers’ needs, CME’s seafood team of experts have just launched a new fish-processing facility. Through it, the distributor will be able to increase its current wide range of items and bring to market a ready-to-use seafood through processing fresh fish fillets, customised portions, value-added products and more.

Mathews Philip, seafood category manager at CME says:

“The main opportunity that this solution brings to the market is the fact that it will enable us to customise our offering based on foodservice customers’ demands for tailor- made, unique products, with a cost-saving element, as a result of processing fresh seafood locally.”

Since its inception in 1995, CME has built a strong reputation for service excellence and has always made a point to place customers’ feedback and satisfaction at the top of their priority list. By launching this new range of fresh processed seafood, the distributor fulfils its continuous promise to deliver the best quality ingredients, while expanding its footprint in the industry through providing the market with an ever-evolving range that adapts to today and tomorrow’s customers’ needs.

“Chef Middle East’s new range of fresh processed seafood products aims to bring to the market a solution for all kitchen professionals who are looking for quality, convenience, consistency and time efficiency. Typically, our customers prefer getting their fresh seafood items from European origins, so we would surely like to maintain that. However, we’d also want to promote and support locally grown and sourced products, which will help us widen our range and offer a solution to even more foodservice operators, depending on their needs and focus. For the launch of this new product range in the UAE market, we’ve decided to develop our own brand, Catch.95,” adds Philip.

“Catch.95. enables foodservice operators to buy seafood from world-class suppliers of the freshest and highest quality line of products with salmon, tuna, shrimps, seabream, sea- bass and much more in the range. The marketplace is changing, and Chef Middle East aims to ensure that it offers solutions that adapt to its customers’ requirements, while being mindful of convenience, with higher quality products for the growing regional market. Committed to quality and transparency, the distributor’s brand of seafood ‘Catch.95.’ is all about premium products which are traceable from fleet to table.

“Lately, convenience has become among our customers’ big- gest requirements. With the launch of this new processing seafood solution, CME will not only offer convenient options, but also prioritise the premium quality standards that it’s known for in the region. This will definitely attract customers and encourage them to select us as their partner of choice,” explains Philip.

Population growth and rising income levels will drive the increasing demand for protein in general and seafood in specific. In fact, according to a study by SEMrush in 2019: “The GCC forecasts more demand for seafood”, with a UN body estimating that the region’s fishing industry produces 392,000-tonnes of fish per year. This figure can be compared with the forecast that, by 2030, consumption in the UAE alone is predicted to cross the 900,000-tonne barrier. Moreover, the GCC’s demand for fresh fish products from local, regional and global fish suppliers is expected to grow by eight per cent annually until 2030.”

CME’s Seafood processing solution will boost in-country operations, bringing high quality, fresh seafood products with better value and convenience to customers, resulting in consistent and flavourful offerings that create a memorable dining experience, every time.