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China declares squid fishing moratorium. China has declared a moratorium on fishing for its fleet in the southwestern Atlantic and eastern Pacific.

The fishing ban, administered by the Fisheries Regulatory Bureau under the Ministry of Agriculture of China, will affect 70 Chinese Far Eastern fishing firms and 600 vessels.

The ban on Atlantic fishing will be in effect from 1 July to 30 September and will cover an area from 32 degrees to 44 degrees south latitude and from 48 degrees to 60 degrees west longitude. The moratorium in the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean will operate from September 1 to November 30 and will cover an area from 5 degrees north latitude to 5 degrees south latitude and from 95 to 110 degrees west longitude.

The ministry said the move is aimed at preserving and restoring squid stocks, similar to a moratorium on squid fishing imposed by China on its ships in the Southwest Atlantic in 2020. The 2020 moratorium was a success, according to the statement, as the squid harvest this year was higher than last year. While the ministry is overseeing the moratorium – it licenses the country’s deep water fishing fleet – the Chinese Far Eastern Fisheries Association, an industry body, and Shanghai Oceanic University, one of the country’s leading centres for ocean and water resources, will also be involved locally.

Source: Fishretail.ru