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Compass Group PLC joins GSSI’s Global Partnership. The Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative is pleased to announce that food service company Compass Group has joined GSSI as a Funding Partner.

Compass Group is a global leader in food services and provides great food and support services to millions of people around the world, every day. The group is committed to maintaining a strong agenda on sourcing responsibly.

“Compass are committed to buying more and more sustainably sourced fish and seafood from supply chains that are resilient and operated responsibly. Our goal is for 50% of our fish and seafood to be certified sustainable. In 2020, we reached this goal across our top 10 countries, and are now working to achieve the same across all of our top 20 countries. GSSI brings much needed clarity around the various global certification schemes and their equivalence, enabling consistent and lasting positive impact for the industry, both environmentally and socially. Our new partnership with GSSI will help us accelerate progress towards achieving our goal,” said Chris McCrystal, Global Head of Food Safety & Responsible Sourcing, Compass Group PLC.

About Compass Group PLC

As the world’s leading food service company, Compass provides great food and support services to millions of people around the world, every day. Headquartered in the UK, we operate in around 45 countries, across 5 distinct sectors – Healthcare & Seniors, Business & Industry, Education, Sports & Leisure and Defence, Offshore & Remote. We work behind the scenes at sports and leisure events, oil rigs and military bases, and in the heart of schools, hospitals, client offices and boardrooms. As an industry leader, we keep pace with changing consumer trends and focus on culinary choices that are innovative, nutritious and sustainable.

For more information, please visit www.compass-group.com.

About GSSI

As the public-private partnership on seafood sustainability with 90+ stakeholders industry-wide, GSSI aligns global efforts and resources to address the latest seafood sustainability challenges. Governed by a Steering Board representing the full seafood value chain, companies, NGOs, governments and international organisations – including the FAO –, GSSI promotes sector-wide collaboration to drive forward more sustainable seafood for everyone.

For more information on the benefits of joining the GSSI Global Partnership and how to become a partner, please visit www.ourgssi.org or contact secretariat@ourgssi.org.