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Dr Alejandro Gutierrez spearheads CAT’s breeding leadership. The Centre for Aquaculture Technologies (CAT) has a proven track record of assisting clients in attaining their production and efficiency goals through the utilisation of cutting-edge breeding technologies. To meet the escalating demand for genetic services while maintaining their client-focused approach, CAT is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Alejandro Gutierrez as the Director of Breeding. Alejandro will lead the breeding and genetic services team, guiding CAT in expanding its portfolio of clients and breeding services.

Dr Gutierrez has spent more than a decade conducting research and leading teams in the fields of genomics, genotyping and selective breeding. His experience spans numerous species, and his research has left a positive mark on the scientific community.

In response to Dr Gutierrez’s new position, Dr Klara Verbyla, Vice President of Genetic Improvement, says:

“We are delighted with the appointment of Alejandro as the Director of Breeding. His role underscores the continuous rapid growth of the CAT breeding team in response to industry requests and the need for a dedicated leader to guide and drive the team forward. Alejandro has exceptional technical expertise in both applied breeding and genomics with demonstrated experience in people leadership.”

Dr Gutierrez echoes this positive assessment, stating:

“I am very happy to be joining the team at CAT. I look forward to directly contributing to the delivery of world-class breeding and genetic services, to help propel growth and efficiency in the aquaculture sector.”

In the face of rising costs and evolving consumer demand, aquaculture producers are under pressure to find ways to feed the world more efficiently. The CAT breeding team rises to this challenge with a commitment to deliver genetic improvement while upholding environmental considerations to ensure sustainable nourishment for a growing global population.

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