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Evaluation of ADL Diagnostic Chile confirms undeniable efficacy. Garware V2 Technology is 100% antibacterial against Piscirickettsia and Tenacibaculum.

The copper microparticles incorporated in V2 -used in fish tanks and lobe nets, skirts and ropes- kill the bacteria responsible for Piscirickettsiosis (SRS) and Tenacibaculosis after 24 hours of exposure, it is 100% effective. The V2 technology is located within the epidemiological strategies to face the main sanitary challenges of the Chilean aquaculture sector.

In vitro evaluation of ADL Diagnostic Chile indicates that the Garware STAR V2 network has components that have an active antibacterial effect against Piscirickettsia salmonis and Tenacibaculum dicentrarchi, significantly after a 4-hour exposure and 100% effective after 24 hours. “It is extremely important, since both bacteria are two of the main culprits for fish mortality and the consumption of antibiotics in Chile. P. salmonis is found mainly in Chile, but Tenacibaculum is also in the northern hemisphere. This study rules out that the Garware V2 networks could be a reservoir of bacterial diseases ”, comments Francisco Serra, Garware Technical Fibres commercial manager.

Methodology with field strains

The recent investigation was carried out with the agents of T. dicentrarchi and P. salmonis, using a methodology implemented by ADL based on the British Standards Institution protocol for the evaluation of disinfectant products for veterinary use. Garware STAR V2 mesh pieces and HDPE mesh pieces of approximately 1g were obtained, the segments were immersed in a solution of hard water, organic matter and a standard bacterial suspension of P. salmonis (strain PM-15972) and T. dicentrarchi ( strain PM-90951) adjusted to a microbiological procedure -of 0.5 McFarland equivalent to 108 cfu / mL- incubated at 18 ° C for 1, 4, 24 and 48 hours.

“The effectiveness of Garware’s V2 technology was amazing. We did not expect such a high efficacy, at four hours we already had a significant effect and at 24 hours we registered 100% efficacy. Its effect is undeniable, even more remarkable, if we consider that we were working with a matrix that has copper particles. In sanitary terms, the active antibacterial mesh aims to control the environment, helping to keep bacterial loads low in the farms, with a better sanitary condition of the fish. Although there were evaluations of the V2 technology in other regions, our results validate this and even better, since it was carried out with field strains present in outbreaks of clinical cases in the national environment. We have the evidence with local agents ”, says Álvaro Sandoval, head of R&D projects at ADL Diagnostic Chile.

Garware developed the V2 technology, adding metallic copper to various HPDE product lines, after years of research and development and field trials, which began in 2017. A special procedure for V2 that incorporates metallic copper microparticle inlays in the manufacture of HDPE fibre; where the final product can release in a controlled way the elements that will allow the nets to stay clean in the water for a longer time. It uses less copper than in paints and the V2 technology does not flake. It has a positive impact on the environment, due to the reduction of the release of copper and organic residues and the reduction of dirt.  Garware V2 nets have completed production cycles in Norway, Canada, Chile, Australia, Scotland  and have show positive results in delayed fouling and low mortality due to disease .

It should be noted that most of the Tenacibaculosis cases that occurred in Norway and Chile involve topical infections of the epidermis, capable of producing mortality, with environmental consequences and their correlation with endemic diseases such as Piscirickettsiosis. Opportunistic diseases such as Tenacibaculosis could be associated with SRS, either as a predisposing or concomitant. Risk factors for SRS are fouling present in the cages, the density of the centres in the neighbourhoods, the presence of sea lions and early matured salmon. www.garwarefibres.com