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Fit and forget antifouling for all marine applications

Skipper Expo International Bristol exhibitor Marine Supplies (International) Ltd will be promoting its Sonihull antifouling system at the expo.

It is an important issue for fishermen, as whenever your vessel is exposed to raw seawater you need to protect against biofouling. On the outside, the build-up of algae, weeds, barnacles and other unwanted marine life will slow you down and increase your fuel bill. On the inside, marine organisms can restrict cooling water and even damage your engine.

Sonihull protects the outside your vessel – hulls, shafts, propellers, waterjets, stern drives and steering gear. It also protects the inside, such as sea-chests, tanks, keel-coolers, box-coolers, pipework, intakes and valves.

The Sonihull ultrasonic antifouling system by NRG Marine uses the latest digital electronics and ultrasonic transducer technology. This system works by producing bursts of ultrasonic energy in multiple frequencies, the energy creates a pattern of alternating positive and negative pressure. Microscopic bubbles are created from the negative pressure, while the positive pressure implodes them forming vapor cavities known as cavitation. The result of the implosion is a micro jet action that creates a cleaning effect on the hulls surface below the waterline. It also resonates and destroys single cell organisms such as algae. Removing the initial link in the food chain prevents barnacles and other marine life to feed on the algae.

For hundreds of years mariners have been plagued with the same old problem of marine growth on the hull, power train and steering gear for their yachts.

With this comes, there is:
• Reduced speed due to extra drag.
• Increased fuel consumption, estimated at as much as 20%.
• Propeller cavitation (which in turn causes extensive damage to propellers).
• Expensive annual haul outs and repainting costs.

Sonihull is a cost effective antifouling product that works alongside a conventional antifouling paint with additional benefits.

In addition to reducing annual haul out costs, Sonihull reduces growth on hull, stern gear, and bow thrusters. A clean hull will substantially reduce fuel costs while keeping the boat performing as it should.