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Good fishing results for Juliarth 2 with new Osprey doors

The French fishing vessel, Juliarth 2, has taken delivery of a new set of Osprey trawl doors, with the skipper pleased with their performance and the fuel savings achieved.

The Juliarth 2, skippered by Arnaud Dufourcq,  is based at Le Grau-du-Roi on the Mediterranean coast, and the fishing results with the new Osprey doors have been good.

The Osprey is a semi-pelagic trawl door, and its special design ensures there is lower drag, which in turn reduces fuel consumption.

Amaury Hervé, sales manager for Morgère, said: “Arnaud is happy with the performance of these new trawl doors. The trawl performs well, with the added benefit of there being reduced diesel consumption compared with before.”


Operating on five continents, Morgère is one of the world’s leading specialists in trawl doors and they are dedicated to serving the fishing industry.

Morgère Trawl Doors has established its leading position due to continual innovation and the creation of trawl doors that are the result of extensive hydrodynamic studies.

Their global experience in a full range of different fisheries, including pelagic and demersal fishing, has enabled them to bring to the fishing industry the most efficient technology, thereby maximising catches at the lowest energy cost.

The  core philosophy lies in working towards a future for fishing that is more efficient, economical and environmentally sound.

To meet these aims, the research and development of new doors is conducted in partnership with local research centres in order to reduce the impact on the marine environment.