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GSSI welcomes China Blue Sustainability Institute to its Global Partnership. The Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative is pleased to announce China Blue Sustainability Institute has joined GSSI as an Affiliated Partner.

China Blue is a Chinese NGO that works in close collaboration with Chinese academia, government, and industry for Chinese fishery and aquaculture’s transformation towards sustainability.

“China is an important player that no one would ignore when talking about business sustainability. To tackle the sustainability challenges for China’s seafood industry of high diversity and complexity, we need more creative technology and systematic solutions. We believe working with GSSI is a strategic choice for China Blue to align the local efforts with global initiatives”, said Han Han, Founder and Executive Director, China Blue Sustainability Institute.

About China Blue Sustainability Institute

China Blue Sustainability Institute (shortened as China Blue), established in 2015, is the first domestic NGO committed to promoting sustainable fishery and aquaculture in China. It catalyses the transformation of Chinese seafood business towards sustainability through interdisciplinary and down-to-earth research and practical innovations, enhancing individual fisher’s access to scientific information and tools as well as institutional capacity for better self-organisation at regional scale. It also strengthens the linkage between consumers and producers by advocating the values of fishery and aquaculture through internet-based social media.

For more information, please visit http://www.chinabluesustainability.org/

About GSSI

As the public-private partnership on seafood sustainability with 90+ stakeholders industry-wide, GSSI aligns global efforts and resources to address the latest seafood sustainability challenges. Governed by a Steering Board representing the full seafood value chain, companies, NGOs, governments and international organisations – including the FAO –, GSSI promotes sector-wide collaboration to drive forward more sustainable seafood for everyone.

For more information on the benefits of joining the GSSI Global Partnership and how to become a partner, please visit www.ourgssi.org or contact secretariat@ourgssi.org