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Havglans success with Tornado. The Norwegian ”Havglans” have had a very good Sand Eel season this spring using Tornado trawl doors, catching 6.510 tonnes in 4 weeks.

The doors have been performing remarkably well.

Commenting on the doors’ performance, the crew said that the spread was 180 meters when they started towing, and when the bag filled up the Tornado doors still maintained the spread.

They reported that the stability of the doors was outstanding, citing the rear end of the doors’ bottom plate, where they could see that the door had been running very smoothly over the seabed.

They also reported on how light the Tornado doors are to tow. and that the fuel consumption was lower than expected.

About Vónin’s Tornado trawl door

The Tornado trawl door is different and innovative. This pelagic trawl door is designed with five foils and the Flow Booster, which boosts the speed of the water flow through the foils, so the doors get an extra high lift.

The lift the Tornado generates is the most impressive on the market, which we also see as the customers normally go 2-3m2 down in size, when they switch to TORNADO.

About Vónin

Vónin is a major developer and manufacturer of high quality fishing gear and aquaculture equipment as well as supplying equipment to the offshore industry and land based industry.

They have always put a great effort in product innovation and have a very close co-operation with their clients in the process of product development.

Vónin operates across the globe and has branches in the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Canada, Norway, Russia, Lithuania and Iceland Their comprehensive range off fishing gear includes pelagic trawls, semi pelagic trawls, bottom trawls, shrimp trawls, purse seine nets, pots, sorting grids, trawl doors and trawl cameras .

They manufacture cage nets, cages, mooring equipment, bird nets, seines and drum net washers, for the aquaculture industry and they supply steel wires, high performance ropes, nets, lifting gear etc. for the offshore and land based industry